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Pickers Circle - A 3LittlePicks Reward Program


Welcome to our free rewards program that get you exclusive rewards for shopping and being in our Pickers’ Circle!


This program is one way for us to say a big "Thank You!" for being part of 3LittlePicks circle and becoming one of the pickers!


Joining the program is free and allows you to collect PicksPoints for every purchase you make (and many other things you do, see below illustration) and then to convert those PicksPoints into discounts on future orders!

Earn PicksPoints:

  • Create a store account: 50 PicksPoints
  • Your birthday: 200 PicksPoints
  • Refer a friend: 200 PicksPoints
  • Share website on Facebook: 25 PicksPoints
  • Like page on Facebook: 25 PicksPoints
  • Follow on Instagram: 25 PicksPoints
  • Make an order: 1 PicksPoint for every S$1 spent
  • #3littlepicks on Instagram / Facebook: 100 PicksPoints for monthly winners


Claim Rewards:

  • S$6.00 discount 100 PicksPoints
  • S$15.00 discount 200 PicksPoints
  • S$35.00 discount 400 PicksPoints
  • S$80.00 discount 800 PicksPoints


Terms & Condition:

  • About "your birthday" reward: you need to register your account with birthday details minimum 1 month in advance in order to earn PicksPoints.
  • About "refer a friend" reward: please refer to Refer A Friend for detailed policies.
  • About "#3littlepicks on Instagram / Facebook" reward: up to 5 winners will be selected every month. 
  • All PicksPoints will be automatically added to your account once you have accomplished each item.
  • In order to accumulate PicksPoints, a 3LittlePicks account needs to be registered first. If no account is created before making the first initial order, the PicksPoints will not be captured for the order. 


Refer A Friend

Loved our products? Enjoyed your shopping experience? Share the love!


Refer a friend and be rewarded with 200 PicksPoints! Your friend gets exclusive discount code that allows them to enjoy 12% discount on their first purchase with us(minimum purchase of $50)!


Terms & Conditions:

  • To qualify for a discount code, the reffered person must
    • be a new customer;
    • use a referral link to obtain the promo code; and
    • make a purchase through
  • Referring customers will receive 200 PicksPoints after the referred person completed the first purchase
  • Referring customers may only earn one referral points per referred person.
  • Customers may not refer anyone who has an existing account under an alternate email address.
  • Customers may refer more than one friends who are qualified for a discount code. 


Pickers’ Circle Rewards Guide

Click on “PickersCircle Rewards” button on our website centre right and start to be rewarded!

You will be asked to create an account to earn your first 50 points. Click “Create a store account” button if you don’t have an account yet.

After keying in your personal details for creating the account, an validation email will be sent to you. Go to your email, click “Activate your account” and it will lead you to below page. Click “Activate Account” and your account is successfully created and your first 50 PicksPoints would be in your account by now.

To check how many PicksPoints you have earnt, simply click on the “PickersCircle Rewards” button again and you will see a screen looks like below image.

You can choose to spend your points by clicking on the “Spend Your Points” button. Wish to earn more points? Click on “Earn More Points” text below and it will lead you to below page. Choose any of the reward program that we have lined up for you.

Want to refer a friend a be rewarded with 200 points? Choose “Refer a Friend” option and you will be provided with an unique referral link. A sample image looks like this:

Simply copy the referral link and send that to your friend. Your friend need to paste the referral link into browser to start shopping and the below screen will automatically pop up in his/her screen:



Your reffered friend needs to key in his/her email address and click “I want it” button. A unique discount code will be emailed to your reffered friend’s indicated email address and your friend gets to enjoy 12% off first purchase.


Once your refferred friend completed his/her purchsae, 200 PicksPoints will be automatically credited to your account! Don’t forget, you can refer more than 1 friend! The more your refer the more PicksPoint you earn!




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