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    Tiny Miracles is an innovative social enterprise/foundation with the ambition to develop a working business model to break poverty cycles in any community in the world. The pilot community lives in the slums of Mumbai, India.

    Tiny Miracles wants to realize a fully self supporting community, because giving just money will not really help in the long run. Giving these people a purpose in life and the tools to become self-supporting however, will help immensely. That is why providing jobs is so incredibly important. Laurien Meuter, founder of the foundation, teamed up with cousin and Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop who invented a range of high quality and unique products that could be easily manufactured by the (mostly illiterate and uneducated) community itself. 

    Today Laurien and Pepe are not only providing work for more than 100 Indian women, they have drastically improved the bleak living circumstances of an entire community of 700 extremely poor people. Their key ambition was to help this community become self-supporting in 10 years time. They are well on their way. 

    8 products
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