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    Calma House specialises in unique, well-made cushions, blankets and throws, bedspreads, rugs and all kinds of textiles for the home. Created in Barcelona by in-house designers, Calma House products are beautifully produced with good quality in natural fibres using tasteful patterns, colours and textures. The perfect way to add a touch of character to your home, giving your home a touch of distinction and elegance.
    53 products
    Asila Small Rug
    Bereber Small Rug
    Cope Handbag
    Fiesta Rug
    Guru Rug
    Kelti Basket
    Lienzo Bedspread
    Lolo Rug
    Lolo Wall Hanging
    Lulu Garland
    Mayo Small Rug Blue
    Oslo Mat Mustard
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