Different Ways To Display Your Canopy

Love the idea of canopy and want to create a dreamy space in the house but wondering where to place one? We have put together some ideas for your inspiration.


1. Place it at one corner of the bed

Photo credit @my3ratbagz3614 

Photo credit @faenerys 


2. Place it around headboard of the bed

 Photo credit: @little.miss.willow

Photo credit: @spinkiebaby


3. At the corner of room to create a cosy ready nook

Photo credit: @mamma.line

Photo credit: @ma_house


4. Stretch across the side of cot or toddler bed

Photo credit @christal19

Photo credit @spinkiebaby


5. Place it next to a bed or sofa to add on extra coziness

Photo credit: @oh.eight.oh.nine

Photo credit: @allispretty_interiorstyling


6. Display one at a kids outdoor party to provide the little ones with imaginary play space and ambience

Photo credit: @thebearcubclub

Photo credit: @heart_strings_kids_party_hire


So here are the 6 different ways of using a canopy. Be creative and don't limit your imagination. Mix and match with different accessories such as cushions, rug, playmat, garlands, posters, wall hanging, dolls, etc. 

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Happy decorating and styling!