Floral Jamming Weekday (19/07/24)

Floral Jamming Weekday (19/07/24)

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Discover the Art of Faux Flower Arrangements at Our Floral Jamming Workshop!

Join us for our faux flower jamming experience, where creativity blossoms in a hands-on, fun-filled floral session. Craft your very own faux flower arrangement and bring home a beautiful creation to cherish.

Workshop Details:
- Date: Friday, 19th July 2024
- Time: 10:00 AM to approximately 12:30 PM
- Venue: 3LittlePicks, 2 Gambas Crescent #08-24 Nordcom 2, Tower 2, Singapore 757044

What to Expect:
Under the expert guidance of our skilled in-house trainer, you'll embark on a delightful journey of floral artistry. Whether you're a complete beginner or a flower enthusiast, this workshop is designed for everyone.

- All Materials Provided: We supply all the necessary tools and materials.
- Learn the Basics: Understand the fundamental principles of flower arrangement.
- Step-by-Step Guidance: Follow along with clear instructions from our trainer.
- Hands-On Experience: Enjoy the process of creating your unique floral piece.
- Take Home Your Creation: Your arrangement can be up to 45cm in length and height.
- Intimate Workshop Size: Limited to 6 participants for personalised attention.

Create a stunning decoration for your space or a heartfelt gift for someone special. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the artistry of faux flower arrangements in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Reserve your spot now and let your creativity bloom!


Date Change and Cancellation Policy:

If reschedule is needed after signing up, do write to ask@3littlepicks.com or WhatsApp 87483901 to do so minimum 7 days before date of workshop to avoid any fee.

  • Date change / cancellation 5-6 days before workshop: 15% workshop fee charge
  • Date change / cancellation 3-4 days before workshop: 50% workshop fee charge
  • Less than 3 days date change / cancellation before workshop: full workshop fee will be forfeited

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Dear 3LittlePicks, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for an exceptional floral arrangement workshop!

1) The selection of faux flowers and foliage provided was outstanding. The quality and realism of the materials made it an immersive experience, allowing us to explore various combinations and create stunning arrangements. The vibrant colors and exquisite selection of flowers truly caught my attention.

2) Apple's expertise and passion for faux floral arrangements were evident throughout the workshop. The guidance and instructions were clear, making it easy for me to follow along and create my very own beautiful arrangement.

3) I was delighted to learn new techniques and tricks for arranging faux flowers. The way demonstrated different styles, layering techniques, and the use of accents like ribbons or decorative elements truly sparked my creativity.

4) The workshop had a warm and inclusive atmosphere that made it comfortable for everyone to ask questions, seek guidance, and share ideas. Apple's patience and encouragement made the learning process enjoyable and therapeutic.

Thank you once again for such a memorable floral workshop❤️❤️❤️


"I walked into the workshop with apprehension because I’ve never quite seen myself as someone with the patience to flower arrange. 

There is a beautiful array of faux flowers at 3littlepicks and when I was invited to pick whatever I liked, I found myself slightly lost. There were so many flowers and so little knowledge! I had so much doubts about how I was going to put together something palatable for the eyes. 

My hands started pulling out my heart’s desires and they quickly became a bunch of unmatched individuals. I looked at them, clueless. But my workshop trainer gave me so much confidence and affirmation that I managed to come up with this gorgeous vase for my bedroom! She showed me how certain flowers can flow - draped, tall, bent, extended - and I learnt how mismatched individuals can look gorgeous together!

Thank you for the generosity of not putting a cap to the number of flowers we chose for each of our vase!"


"So happy to have spent a therapeutic morning doing faux flowers arrangement with Apple, the floral master! 😍 She was very patient in explaining and guiding us.. 💕Always in awe by all her floral arrangements, and finally I had the chance to learn from the expert! 😄

Super love her gorgeous faux flowers. You can definitely trust the quality and she has huge varieties to choose from! Think of going for floral buffet, choosing your favourite flowers in your favourite colour palette, you will love the beautiful experience! ❤️😍"


Had a wonderful 1st time experience at Floral Jamming session with Apple of 3lilpicks. Definitely a class perfect for me, with no knowledge or have any time to upkeep a fresh floral arrangement.

I enjoyed having to select from wide selection of good quality faux flowers and Apple puts me at ease with her patience and guidance. 

Thank you 3littlepicks!


My first experience in making a flower arrangement and the session totally exceeded my expectations! 

Apple shared very practical advices and the theory is very informative. Being a clumsy person with little dexterity in intricate matters, I surprised myself with a decent (and quite pretty in my eyes) flower arrangement at the end of session. 

Thanks Apple for the hands-on guidance and quality materials. 

I felt this floral jamming is very worth the value as I got unlimited access to such a wide variety of flowers. The creation which I got to bring home looked as expensive as those fresh ones sold outside. 

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to give it a try to create pretty flower arrangement or as a therapeutic experience.


I always love flower arrangement and I do create it from time-to-time leisurely. Today’s session was very interesting and informative to me, I learnt a lot of new techniques and skills about artificial flower arrangement. Apple explained clearly from basic tools to hands-on support. Each participant created their own design in different style which represented our own character and preferences. The flower arrangement I created during this workshop is now sitting so beautifully in my living room and it is really hard to differentiate if it’s real or fake :D Thanks for this great session and I had opportunity to explore such wide variety of artificial flowers, letting me redefine the beauty for life. 


I attended a 3littlepicks floral jamming workshop and it was so informational! Apple is so generous in sharing all her knowledge with us and imparting us with useful skill to assist us in creating our masterpiece. This workshop did not limit us on the number of pieces of faux flowers we pick - free flow of flower buffet for us to pick and I was so spoilt for choices! No regrets for signing up the workshop at all!


To be honest, I've attended about 8 floral workshops before attending Floral Jamming by Apple but this was super good!! Doing flower arrangement with faux flowers was a different ballgame. Apple shared so so much and I've learnt a lot! She's so patient and I just felt like I could ask her anything. She's so passionate about her art I could really feel that so fervently! The flower selection's so wide and it was a flower buffet for us! I loved how a printed guide was given to us too. Strongly recommend for anyone who is looking for something therapeutic and interesting to learn.

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