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Introducing Tiny Miracles by Pepe Heykoop

Posted on April 13 2017

With every purchase you make, you are making Tiny Miracles Foundation one step closer to creating self-supporting communities! 


Sometimes it takes a profound experience to come to a life altering decision. That is what happened to Laurien Meuter, founder of the Tiny Miracles Foundation. After a severe accident, which forced her to rest and rehabilitate for 6 months, Laurien reviewed her career path and concluded that she needed a more meaningful direction. She left her career in banking to help a small, impoverished community in the slums of Mumbai, India. A city she had fallen in love with when she worked and lived a few years before. It was in Mumbai where she had started supporting a few Indian families by financing their children’s education. She founded the Tiny Miracles Foundation to follow her dream, expand her reach and make an even bigger difference. 

Not soon after she teamed up with Pepe Heykoop freshly graduated from Eindhoven Design Academy and set up a social enterprise in addition to the foundation. The social enterprise is the battery that keeps the engine of the community running. Because manufacturing high end products ensures employment and employment means independence by means of wages. Today Laurien and Pepe are not only providing work for more than 100 Indian women they have drastically improved the bleak living circumstances of an entire community of 700 extremely poor people. Their dream is to enable this one slum community to break out of the poverty cycle and become self-supporting middle class citizens by 2020. They are more than halfway there. Not just by creating jobs through their amazing and cool social enterprise but by using a new charity model that is built on five equally important pillars; education, healthcare, social awareness, employment and celebrating traditions.

Success in the slums, it really works both ways. On the one hand achieving the creation of stunning designs that are being sold all over the world at high-end retail locations. On the other hand generating employment and job opportunities with special products that lift up an entire community.

What makes Tiny Miracles’ products stand out is that they are conceived with the idea to stay clear off typical fair trade sentiments. Laurien and Pepe both believe each and every product should sell itself. It should sell itself because of its beautiful design, innovative use of materials or its originality, regardless of the humanitarian story behind it. 

Their products have received the following awards:

  • 2015 New York, USA, ICFF Best New Designer
  • 2013 Cologne, Germany, Interior Innovation Award Winner
  • 2012 Lubljana, Slovenia, BIO 50 Winner


Learn more about how Tiny Miracles Foundation works by watching the short clip below:

Pepe Heykoop for Tiny Miracles from Pepe Heykoop on Vimeo.


We are proud to have this meaningful new brand onboard! Shop them here:



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