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Introducing Born On Monday

Posted on October 28 2016

The power of gift giving has been more and more underestimated nowadays. Due to busy lifestyle we have or any other reason, it has become common place to just give someone a gift card or purchase a filler gift knowing the recipient will probably just exchange it for something else. All these are making gift giving seem impersonal. 


However when Miriam, the mastermind of Born On Monday, found out that her best friend was expecting her first baby, she knew she had to give her something truly special. She wanted to give the best, most thoughtful gift that a new mom need and appreciate. After days of thinking, Miriam decided to make a custom blanket, something that could be used for many years and yet so unique and beautifully designed that could be part of priceless memories for both baby and mother. That's how she carefully created her first baby blanket.


A few years later when Miriam and her husband were expecting a child of their own, she sat down and created her second blanket. Two became three, and three became a company. Her daughter was born on a Monday, thus inspiring the name of her new venture, Born On Monday.


Born On Monday specializes in truly delightful handmade blankets, bed spreads, and rugs. Each item is hand painted, every details is made by hand. Inspired by artists who create captivating pieces with very few elements, Miriam’s style is simplistic. Born On Monday’s collection of products are ideal for modern homes.


Born On Monday products will carry your precious ones from infancy to childhood, while bringing whimsy and splendor to your living space. It connects to the joy of childhood, but the joy remains long after children have grown up. They are the perfect gifts for anyone about to become a parent, or that something special for you and your little one to treasure for years to come.


The best news is these wonderful products are going to be exclusively available here in Singapore through! They will be here on Monday, 31st October 2016 at 10:00am. 



I believe the true value of a blanket is seen only after many years have passed, when you realize your baby is a teenager or a parent herself or himself. That blanket is not only a blanket anymore; for the mother, it is a witness to one of the most amazing, exhausting, and rewarding times of her life; and for that baby, now a grown up, it can be a precious memory of his or her childhood. ~ Miriam Altamira


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