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Putting up your Teepee Tent!

Posted on October 13 2015

Guess you have received your Teepee tent and really excited to put it together for your kids who are exhilarated with your purchase! Or you are just wondering how tough it will be to put together a Teepee tent! 

It's really simple to set it up and let us show you how to!

What comes in your Teepee Tent set?

1 x tent cover

1 x pole string

8 x tent poles

4 x tent pole joints


Step 1: Joining your tent poles

8 tent poles & 4 tent pole joints

If you note that there are 4 poles with holes and 4 poles without holes, when joining the poles together you would want to have one pole without hole and one with hole.

Slot the tent pole joint onto the indented of the pole, 

Once you are done, pick up another tent pole and join it with the indented side into the tent pole joint. Do make sure that one of the tent pole is with a hole and the other is without a hole.

Do the same for the remaining tent poles. After joining the poles, you would end up with 4 long tent poles.

Step 2: Joining the tent poles into the tent cover

Now pick up the tent covers and you will note there are 4 slots on the tent covers which you can run your tent poles into. Do make sure that the hole on the poles are on the top side when running the tent poles into the slots.


When you are done, it should come out as you see in the above. Do the same for the remaining 3 slots on the tent cover.

Step 3: Tying up the tent poles

When you are done running all 4 tent poles into the slots on the tent cover, stand up all 4 tent poles straight and close together. Use the pole string provided and tie up all 4 poles together.

You are almost done! All you need to do now is spread all tent poles and the tent cover will spread out evenly to form your Teepee Tent! It is ok if your poles are criss crossing each other as in the picture below. Just square out the base of the tent poles and the Teepee Tent will be very sturdy.




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