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Wondering how to set up your Pom Poms?

Posted on December 10 2013



Wow, Pom Poms are really beautiful when you use them as decorations and it really makes a great decorative item during parties and celebrations. It fills up the room and brings your room a new dimension and colour!

Some of you might be thinking that it is difficult to set up the Pom Poms, but kid you not, it's really EASY!
We're going to share with you all on setting up the Pom Poms.
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Step 1: Unwrap the plastic protective packaging. You should have a unrevelled Pom Pom strip and a white string. Please keep the string, you need it for the next step!
Step 2: Tie the string in the middle of the Pom Pom strip. You might need to gently fold the Pom Pom strip in half to find the centre point of the strip. 
If you wish to hang the Pom Pom, you should tie the string only on one end and leave the longer end for hanging purpose as shown below.
Step 3: Start fanning out each side of the Pom Pom. Do it on both sides.
Step 4: Start pulling back and spacing out each thin layer of the fanned out surface. 
When separating each layer of the Pom Pom, it is advisable to do it evenly on both sides. That is, one layer on the right, followed by one layer on the left. By doing so, this will ensure that the length on both sides are equally distributed.


Step 5: You are done! But if you would like to create a much fuller Pom Pom, you could consider joining 2 Pom Poms together using string to tie up 2 Pom Poms in the centre. 


Hope this guide is really insightful to you all on how easy it is to set up your Pom Poms for your parties!


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